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  1. Mmmm yesss LOVED your blog here!! I'm sooo sure you're not the only white wife with "DARK" fact my own wife is also attracted to Black men!!

    Hope you don't mind but I am the husband writing this. I too am VERY supportive of my wife fucking her Black lovers, in fact I encourage her to!! As a her hubby I find this EXTREMELY erotic and intoxicating!! We are very happily married and the bond we have is strong. I would concider her a HOT wife/shared wife. White men too but preferably BLACK MEN is our preference. Like you we are seeking a regular BLACK MALE and lover, some one we trust and can be friends with.

    Wendy has had several interracial relationships  i in the past as have I and we as a couple have been with 2 BLACK MEN. Our sex life is VERY active and sharing her has been FANTASTIC for our relationship!!

    Thank you for are not alone!!

     S and W

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