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  1. There's courses for that. On a serious note, you won't get any intimacy out of it, and you'll end up regretting it years down the line. Plus, think about what sort of man 45-70 would WANT to sleep with a 16 year old.

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  1. Let's be clear:  All men (at least *real* men) regardless of age want to fuck anyone beginning at child-bearing age;  "child-bearing age" starts around 12 or so.  Before you start saying this is creepy (or other crap), hear me out:  The issue isn't whether "the sort of man 45-70" (I'm 52) that you're speaking of would *want* to have sex with a 16-year old, but is more particularly that the older man -- if he is mature and worthwhile, would see that having sex with anyone who is inexperienced or sexually immature could never be "worth" the sexual gratification, no matter what the age.  For instance, I recently turned down the invitation by a very alluring 34-year old to have sex, based on the fact that I believed she was still in child-like immaturity.  Otherwise - if she acts and thinks like an adult, then other factors aside, she's an adult.
  2. Older men are the best...they treat you like a princess, and there's no way they're going to shoot their load in 30 seconds, like teen guys do.  I had my first "boyfriend" when I was 11..he was in his 40s, and had a daughter older than me.  I dressed up for him, (girls actually wore skirts occasionally back in the 1980s), and he'd show his appreeciation.  I'm 35 now, he's pushing 70, and he's still the best lover I've ever had.  I know he's remarried, but I want to call him anyway!   Gretchen
    • Gretchen - you are right. I'm 29 now but the wonderful man who introduced me was 45. He treated me, 13 at the time, like a princess, a little queen actually. We had to hide because I was playing with his daughter but he arranged things neatly. I dressed up and he really made me feel important. Best lover *ever*. Sad thing is he passed away some years ago.
  3. man be chill, if she wants to fuck older men to educate herself who cares?
  4. Well, I'm 53, a PhD, in extremely good shape, and I guarantee that I'm in better physical and emotional shape than you are. You are right that generally I would not want to fuck a 16-year old, but I would if it were not against the law and she if she was emotionally capable. Otherwise, it's not about age.
    • Im 25 and want to be fucked alot by and older man im white and weigh 151 lbs long brown hair and green eyes like to chat.
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        • What is your age and in what region do you live. I am in East Texas. I'm 65, retired professional, married and very active. I workout at a loacal gym six days per week. Reply, and lets see where this leads! Wild Willy
  5. You must be a woman because almost all men aged 20 - 100 would sleep with a 16 year old if he had the chance to
  6. Like to fuck you
  7. Most of them!